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From hidden potentials to top performance
Maximize the allround performance throughout the lifecycle of your solar PV. Receive data-driven advice on what to do and when to act from the most relevant provider choices around you.
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Your benefits
Free for homeowners
  • For systems up to 20 kWp
  • For the entire lifecycle
  • Best prices for services on our marketplace
Stay in touch with your system
  • Comprehensive, transparent and reliable
  • Realtime data at anytime from anywhere
  • Pinpoint towards fault detection
Improve your performance
  • Comprehensive alerts
  • Data-driven advice
  • Compare offers from different providers
Let data-driven advice guide you
Using Powerbrain's monitoring enables you to receive data-driven advice through our marketplace. Knowing what to do, when to do it and which provider to select is key, if you want to reach top performance. Here are 3 examples out of more than 20 services influencing your solar PV.
curve 1 Cleaning at the right time with the best offer can get you an additional percentage in terms of energy production.
curve 2 Ensure your stable production without unnecessary losses due to downtime, late repairs or repowerings.
curve 3 Know when a battery/storage system makes sense for you.

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