Supporting Our Partners in Their Race to Net Zero
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Lower Your Operating Cost

Provide you with the most efficient process during and after the development. Get more reliable with the implementation of smart technology.

Increase Building's Value

Energy efficiency will leverage Net Operating Income. With updated technology, your building will be more environmentally friendly.

Increase Occupant Welfare

With top notch system and our approach in delivering service, we always put customers comforts as our priority.

How Do We Help
Energy Management

Efficiency is about gaining the most value from the least usage and Powerbrain has proven to deliver that in countless ways. Our technicians take your building to optimal efficiency and reliability, and make sure long-term performance stays on top. With the help from our smart technology and platform, we help you to get lower consumption, lower costs, and lower carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

End-to-end solutions for your ambition to achieve net zero emission. Powerbrain helps you to develop renewable energy potential in your sites. Our service includes feasibility studies, design, installation, investment, and for your long run operation and maintenance. A long-term agreement bound us to commit delivering green and cheaper energy for you.

Asset Management

Centralize your portfolio by connecting any existing gateways to streamline data and operations with our smart system. We aggregate, normalize and clean up data to provide full transparency and trust. Visualize and combine data to focus on what matters most. Monitor the activities of O&M partners and make it easy to on- and off-board plants to scale up service as your business grows. Stay in touch with your portfolio and get access anywhere, anytime.

EV Charging Solutions

Electric Vehicle era is coming. Powerbrain also offers everything you need to set up a customized EV charging solution that meet the needs of you and your EV drivers. Not limited to the EV Charging deployment, with our software, we can connect and control all your EV infrastructure from one central hub. Manage revenue, users, energy output, and so much more.

Energy revolution starts here.