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Simplifying information and making it into an actionable task

Powerbrain is blaxing a trail in green energy management as a service with AI-enhanced analytics. Our comprehensive platform helps you optimize your business operations and reach carbon footprint goals resulting in overall growth. our agnostic technology stack remotely monitors, detects, and dynamically manages a variety of industrial systems and device from our cloud platform.

Powerbrain platforms

User-frendly web, desktop and mobile applications supported by advanced cloud technology.

Site management

Remote management solutions for connected sites that maximize energty utilization, the uptime of sites, OPEX savings, and sustainability.

Battery monitoring & tracking

Anti-theft solutions and Battery Management Systems (BMS) for performance maximization of Lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries.

Data centers

Ensuring smooth optimal activity of facility management devices, such as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), power, lighting, and communication.

Renewable energy management

AI technology for advanced monitoring and management of energy sources, maximization of energy utilization, OPEX savings, and sustainability.

Vehicle fleets

Cutting-edge technology that enables fleet managers to monitor and control their fleets remotely, lower fuel costs, extend the lifetime of vehicles, and save lives throught real-time diagnostics.

Making assets smarter, more productive and more user-friendly

Dynamic control

Powerbrain systems optimize the utilization of energy sources, and maximize the ability to monitor and control them remotely by artificial intellegence. Our algorithms automize asset tracking management by ongoing integration of fixed and changing factor that affect energy consumption, such as weather conditions and technical malfunctions. this dynamic control process combines analysis of the past activity of the assets, their performance in real-time, and predictive analytics modules.


Actionable insights

Powerbrain provides its users with data, knowledge, and conclusions that enable them to make evidence-based decisions. our system includes various reports, dashboards, and real-time notifications that increase CAPEX and OPEX savings, troubleshoot technical failures, and monitor operational irregularities. The system also enables users to quickly evaluate the performance of the assets relative to various benchmarks, suck as type, size and location.


Financial horizons

Powerbrain solutions are designed to easily transform performance analysis into financial revenues. They helps customers meet KPIs and regulatory constraints, and leverage market conditions to increase profit, By maximizing energy savings, Powerbrain supports its users in their efforts to decreasing consumption of fossil fuels, and the carbon footprint of their assets.


Making the best o real-time data

Powerbrain solutions enchace users' capacity to manage their assets by integrating into various systeams associated with their operation, maintenance, and billing. The real-time data Powerbrain collects and analyzes applies to customers' Network Operation Centers (NOC), ticketing, billing, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems/


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